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Senior Customer Success Partner



Customer Service, Sales & Business Development
Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Kyruus' mission is to connect people to the right care, in pursuit of our vision: a better healthcare system- one that's transparent and accessible- where everyone gets the care they need. At Kyruus, our values are at the heart of everything we do:
We care deeply – We do the right thing even if it’s the harder thing.
We are fiercely driven – We harness our curiosity to pursue continuous improvement and create simple solutions to complex problems.
We lead with respect – We celebrate the individual traits that make each of us unique and seek out diverse voices to listen and learn.
We are accountable – We do what we promise for each other and our customers.
Here’s what that would mean for you in the Senior Customer Success Partner role.
Care: You work as a partner and advocate for your clients - balancing urgency with empathy. You are invested in the outcome - for each client, for Kyruus, and for the future of healthcare.
Driven: You raise the bar because healthcare deserves it. You have the grit to keep going until the job is finished.
Respect: You know that we do not always have the right answer and maintain an open mindset. You recognize it is not just the results we achieve, it is how we get there that matters.
Accountable: You take ownership of mistakes and use them as motivation to improve. You build trust by leading with transparency and integrity.

What you will do in a Senior Customer Success Partner role at Kyruus:

  • You’ll manage Kyruus’ most strategic accounts in the National and Enterprise+ market segments.
  • You’ll own the creation of a strategic account plan, mapping activities to measurable goals and ensuring sound execution, evolving the plan as necessary to make meaningful progress against key milestones.
  • You’ll foster relationships with leadership and middle management at the customer organization, crafting a stakeholder map to ensure appropriate engagement.
  • You’ll ensure strong value delivery and customer experience.
  • You’ll meet with customer leadership stakeholders to engage in regular business reviews and strategic conversations, establishing a relationship as a ‘trusted advisor’.
  • You’ll meet with the customer operational stakeholders to regularly understand customer priorities, review performance, and give optimization recommendations.
  • You’ll employ a consultative lens in customer meetings to understand core business needs, get to the root cause of requests, and strategize on next steps, pulling in SMEs as appropriate.
  • You’ll identify customer needs for new products, product expansion, and new partnerships, having initial conversations where appropriate and setting Sales colleagues up with qualified leads for growth opportunities.
  • You’ll encourage and reinforce customer self-sufficiency, guiding them to resources such as the Access Academy, Help Desk, Kyruus Newsletters and outreach to Customer Support.
  • You’ll capture customer feedback and help internal stakeholders on the Product and Analytics teams understand what matters to the health system market.
  • You’ll identify advocates from the customer base and help internal stakeholders on the Sales and Marketing teams harvest case studies and champions to speak to prospects.
  • You’ll report to the Senior Director, Customer Success in the Customer Success Department within the Delivery & Operations Division.

How You Can Grow

  • Kyruus will bring you through an onboarding process that is both structured and self-guided, designed to enable connection and productivity as you learn more about our company, functions and products. Additionally, we have a culture of feedback, inclusive of our performance review process that provides you with the coaching, resources and opportunities to help you learn and grow with us.
  • Kyruuvians in the Senior Customer Success Partner role can continue to grow in an Individual Contributor capacity or move into a management role on the Customer Success team.
  • Kyruus also loves to see an internal transfer. If a linear career path is not what you’re looking for, you can work with your manager and HR to explore lateral moves to other parts of the organization as you continue to grow with us.

What you will bring:

  • You’ll use your 10+ years of experience in health system operations or customer management experience to:
  • Cultivate customer relationships grounded in trust, transparency, and mutual respect.
  • Center customer engagement in a strategic, thoughtful manner.
  • Ensure a customer is set up successfully for the longevity of the partnership through creating an account plan at the time of a closed deal, facilitating orientation sessions at the time of go-live, and socializing relevant new opportunities and partnerships.
  • Look for opportunities for customers to increase product adoption or utilization, and collaborate with internal stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Monitor analytics and performance metrics to provide recommendations on actions the customer can take to better utilize Kyruus solutions to achieve value.
  • Leverage data to build a compelling story to influence change.
  • Your customers have a good experience (NPS), realize value (customer health score), and renew their contract (retention).
  • You’ve built successful relationships with customers, grounded in trustYou’ve built credibility as a customer’s champion within your organizationYou're an expert in your customer’s data and well-versed in strategies to optimize performance.
  • You’ve created and managed a ‘single view of the customer’ within your organization and are proficient with business tools - Salesforce, Jira, Confluence, Excel, and Powerpoint.
Equal Opportunity Employer
Kyruus is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information. We will not discriminate, in any employment decision, against any individual or group on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, or veterans/national guard/military reserve status. This shall be done in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws in every location in which Kyruus has facilities.