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Business Development Representative



Sales & Business Development
Australia · Remote
Posted on Friday, September 22, 2023

Job Description

Charge: Hire a proactive, collaborative, and self-driven graduate who possesses a strong desire and ability to initiate contact with potential customers and develop a solid, ongoing pipeline of opportunities.


The BDR role is a fantastic opportunity to learn the ropes of software sales and potentially unlock a longer-term career opportunity with GoTo. This person will help us to sell industry-leading SaaS solutions, working for a high growth industry and company.

This position reports to the Senior Sales Manager. The BDR is a vital component to the success of our business. Their work will contribute to better qualified leads, new sales pipeline, increased conversions and revenue.

The BDR role is focused on generating qualified pipeline across outbound (greenfield & vertical) and inbound dedicated selling activities. These include following up and executing on marketing campaigns and warm leads and qualifying and developing inbound interest. BDR’s will receive a mixture of formal and ‘on the job’ sales training, to set them up for success and build their skills.


• Prospecting: Researching and identifying potential clients or leads through various channels to develop targeted prospect lists.

• Cold Calling/Emailing: Initiating communication with potential customers via phone calls or emails to uncover their challenges, introduce products and engage in initial discussions.

• Pitching: Effectively presenting the GoTo value proposition to prospects and addressing their enquiries or concerns.

• Follow up on warm leads: including marketing campaigns, events and those who’ve trialled our products, to increase new user acquisition and conversions

• Qualifying Leads: Assessing the potential of leads based on their needs, budget, and buying readiness to determine if they are worth pursuing.

• Scheduling Meetings: Coordinating and booking appointments for senior sales representatives with qualified leads, facilitating further discussions and potential conversions.

• Updating and maintaining the CRM system

• Performing other duties as assigned.


• Fluency in English

• Energy, hustle, and initiative to drive positive customer behaviour

• Strong communication skills, including written, verbal and strong active listening

• Ability to build rapport with others

• Self-motivated, organised and driven

• Resilient

• An interest in technology

• Strong time management skills with the ability to work autonomously in a predominately remote environment

• Curious about developing a career within sales